Daniel Kemish is a British Born Americana/Folk Singer and one of those artists whose voice cuts straight to the core. His songs and stage presence command the attention of the audience, be it an intimate solo performance or full band setup.

Daniel started performing in 2006 around small bars and clubs in the UK. One day in 2011 he decided he was fed up of performing other peoples songs and wanted to create something for himself. He set about writing but struggled with inspiration until he returned to his childhood home in Portugal. In 2013 and 2014 he self released 2 EP’s (in Duo Format) with his Double Bass player Jean Christian Houde.

In 2015 Daniel recorded his debut album in Nashville TN at Ocean Way Studios. “Fools & Money” was released in March 2016 followed by a 34 date UK Tour with his band. Since then he has toured extensively completing numerous tours of Europe and the USA covering over 200,000km’s, mostly solo.

To compose Daniel’s second album he headed into the Austrian mountains to spend one month alone in a mountain hut. Having no electricity/running water or phones, and only a wood stove for heating/cooking and melting snow.
His desire for complete solitude, being ‘off-grid’ and surrounded by snow allowed Daniel to ‘get back to basics’ of song writing and create a more personalised album. Bringing a new sound and style that truly shows off his maturity both as a songwriter and a performer.

Daniel’s authentic and honest approach to creating music is rare to come by, don’t miss the chance to get the full personalised atmosphere of Daniel up close and live whilst you still have the chance.

This is one of the true great Artists that are still doing it the honest way.