News on my complete loss of all VEVO Views and Comments,

As some of you may have noticed the last few months my VEVO channel has had no videos on it. This has been due to a problem with the distributor that for reasons unknown to me lost the distribution rights with VEVO, this has resulted in mine (and many other peoples) videos being removed from VEVO resulting in all the views/comments/likes being returned to zero. This has put me massively behind because now comes the time when we start to book festivals and shows for the coming tour next year and we have had to start with all my videos at 0 views. I’m currently in the process of seeing where we stand in terms of getting the views back but at present don’t think its possible.

There will be more videos uploaded in the next week or so and I’m currently going to be putting a lot more on my personal you tube channel as well

Below is the video from the single I released last year that had well over 7000 views or more and over 100 likes, if you could all share this amongst your friends and watch it a couple of times I would be very grateful (even if you just put it on mute in the background 10 times 😉 ) also don’t forget to subscribe to my channels.
Hope your all well and thank you very much for the continued support. I am going to be announcing some exiting plans about the up and coming year and I hope to see you all on the road soon.